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The best proofreading services & copy that speak directly to your needs

Personal Profile

EminentEdit is a consultant service that provides clean copy and the best proofreading services for business and scholarship purposes. It was founded by me, its first editor, Melchior Antoine (but you can call me Mel) around 2022.


These premium proofreading services were inspired by the need to assist business persons, academics, and scholars who wish to express themselves in English in either their scholarship or digital marketing efforts. 
We believe that you have something to say and should say it as elegantly as possible and in a language your target audience understands. Here, at EminentEdit, we have long experience in academic writing and proofreading. I have edited and written well over 5 million words. So, I understand the business of copywriting and proofreading and what it takes to win. 

EminenEdit provides the highest quality proofreading services to ensure that you submit academic work successfully for your journal paper, thesis, or grant proposal.


We also provide content writing services based on modern search analysis and keyword and SEO research. We don't just write dry and soul-less SEO copy. Instead, we write copy that both humans and Google would love. 

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Education & Academic Interests


National Chung Hsing University 

Mel studied Marketing in addition to agriculture at National Chung University in Taiwan, one of the top universities in the country for a master's degree. He wrote a master's thesis related to the motivations of organic farmers. 


Freelance Editing

He worked as a freelance editor and copywriter for a number of top editing companies such as Scribendi and ClearVoice. In all, he has edited over 5 million words for journal papers that have been published in dozens of journals, such as the Wiley and Emerald Publishing family of journals. 



In addition to working as a freelancer, Mel also has worked as a research assistant and anonymous reviewer. In these positions, he edited and co-authored a number of journal publications, as well as reviewing papers submitted to journals. 

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31 Hezuo St

S. District, Taichung, Taiwan, 402


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