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Delivering Effective Copy and the Best Proofreading Services On Time & On Target

EminentEdit offers three types of services:

  1. Editing and premium proofreading services for your thesis, journal paper, or book

  2. Content writing using modern keyword research and SEO for your business and blog

  3. Consulting for grant and research proposals and other technical reports and white papers

About EminentEdit

Get to Know Us

Our proofreading services let you express what you have to say effectively. Even the most brilliant thinkers struggle with clearly expressing themselves. We are here to help you with that.


We provide the best editing and proofreading services to ensure that you convey the exact meaning you intend in your thesis, dissertation, academic essay, or research paper. 

We also provide content writing services to rank your blog/website. No need for expensive ads or dodgy backlinks. Our content writers carry out modern keyword research and put in the herculean effort to write blogs that rank. 


Grant writing services are the third pillar of our offer.  We help write grants using the precise and concise technical language expected from requests for proposals to maximize your chances of landing that grant. 

We are a small team of experienced professionals. We believe in direct and clear communication with clients to ensure that we're on the same page. And that we deliver exactly what is required. 

Our Services

We offer the best proofreading services + content writing on time and on target.

Academic Editing and Proofreading Services: Our small team of expert editors help you get the right style, tone, and terminology for your journal paper, thesis, technical report, or book. We provide the highest quality proofreading services aimed at correcting all errors against a target style guide and include useful feedback and suggestions to improve or clarify content. 

Thorough Editing and Proofreading Services that Don't Cut Any Corners. Every order includes both thorough line-by-line editing and meticulous proofreading.  We tackle sentence structure, syntax, and academic style. In addition to this, we leave extensive commentary that 1) Explains the changes we made and why we made them; 2) Shows how your document can be improved; 3) Explains the major changes that can be made to help increase your chances of submitting successful academic work.  


Use of Word's Tracked Functions.  We use Word's Track functions. This allows you to see exactly what changes we have made and where. Plus, you get to decide what changes to reject or accept. So the power remains in your hands. We also leave extensive comments to explain our changes and to give advice on how to improve your document. 

Professional Content Writing Services: SEO content is the easiest and most cost-effective method to get customers to your service or product. We provide copy that both Google and users love by relying on modern keyword research and writing in a style that speaks directly to your target audience. Our SEO services are based on customer intent. We don't simply write dry copy stuffed with keywords. Instead, we begin with customer intent and work backward from there. 

Consulting services: Writing grant or research proposals and technical reports or white papers is challenging and demanding work. We provide guidance from the beginning to the end to maximize your chances of success. Our editors and writers are skilled in writing the careful and concise language that is required for grant writing. And they won't disappoint in terms of delivering the type of technical copy required to land that grant. 


Heavy manuscript editing & best quality proofreading services to improve clarity, flow, tone, and fluent expression. This includes substative, developmental, line, and copy editing. 


Content writing services for  blogs based on modern keyword research and customer intent. With these services, we aim to rank your blog or business on teh first page of Google. 

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Consultant writing services for grant proposals and for technical reports and white papers. We aim to increase the chances of landing that grant or writing white papers and reports that speak to your target audience. 


We provide consultation services for college and graduate essay applications. This includes undergraduate and  graduate applications. Also, we provide consultation services for professor and other scholarly applications for academics. 


Scholarship application consultation services. We maximize the likelihood of winning educational scholarships by writing scholarship essays that speak directly to your sponsors. 

The types of services we offer

We provide consultation services for copy editing, proofreading, blog writing, white papers, and more. 

Grant proposals and White papers
LinkedIn & other social media / thought leadership posts
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SEO-based blog copy for products & services

At EminentEdit, we prioritize ensuring that you maximize your chances of success. This includes increasing the chances of being published through our premium Proofreading Services, Landing on the first page of Google through our Content Writing Services, or Winning high value Grants through our Grant Writing Services.  


Our content writing services aim to bridge customer intent with the services or products that you offer. Our grant writing services aim to meet the demands of RFPs or requests for proposals to the tee to increase the chances of you winning that big grant. We make sure to match your case with an experienced professional who can deliver exactly what you need.


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What Our Clients Say

Chanya Testimonial
"EminentEdit's revision was so amazing, and I was impressed by how my editor Mel made sure the technical terminology was correct. "

Dr. Chanya Inprasit, Lecturer, Kasetsart University, Thailand. Chanya is a PhD who used Eminent Edit to get published in premium journals such as Nature.

We Offer Elite Editing Services For Both Academics & Businesses 

Even the most brilliant researchers and most successful business persons struggle with messaging and voice. Our content writing and elite proofreading services enable you to speak directly and clearly to your audience in their language. We know what you want to say. We help you say it better. Besides premium content writing and editing services, we place prime value on proper communication. We will only go ahead with your order only after being thoroughly convinced of what you need. 

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Professional Copywriting & Proofreading Services Delivered On Time and Target

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